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We have just launched a new CyberSecurity event in Cyprus, in the Eastern Mediterranean.

As the Healthcare industry offers life-critical services with innovative new technologies, CyberSecurity is a key requirement for its systems and networks.


e-Health is the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) across the whole range of functions that affect health sectors such as the Electronic Health Records system (EHRs), TeleHealth (remote medical consultation), m-Health (health by smartphones), e-Learning Health, Remote monitoring devices, Biosensors, Health Analytics & Big Data.


The ever-increasing exchange and access to significant amounts of medical data such as the improvement-acceleration diagnosis of patients, their treatment, management and history in general, leads to an overabundance of Health data.


This has boosted interest while remaining a primary target for cybercriminals in healthcare organizations, data providers and confidential data, while at the same time there is a lack of appreciation for cybersecurity in e-Ηealth.


Ultimately, digital transformation is already present and active while constantly evolving and key actors in e-Health that must meet CyberSecurity requirements include Healthcare Organisations, Pharmaceutical companies, Healthcare professionals and Patients.

The e-CΥberHealth 2022 Conference aims to bring together EU institutions, National authorities & Public Health agencies, Regulators, Policy makers, Medical & Security committees, Consulting executives, Healthcare providers (public and private), Healthcare professionals, Health insurance providers, Software vendors and ICT specialists to raise awareness on data security and to analyze secure new ways of using modern information & communication technologies (ICT) in order to meet the needs of the Healthcare sector already especially sensitive due to its characteristics and particularities.

Our effort is to include the following Key Topics for discussion:

  • EU CyberSecurity Policy in e-Health

  • CyberSecurity strategies, regulations & standards in e-Health

  • e-Health risk assessment

  • EU GDPR in Healthcare

  • CyberSecurity education and training in e-Health

  • CyberSecurity for e-Health Infrastructures and Services

  • Secure e-Health Records & Exchange of Medical Data

  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

  • e-Health Blockchain Security Solutions

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & CyberSecurity in Healthcare

  • e-Health Cyber Security in the age of the e-Citizen

Who should attend

  • National authorities

  • Public Health agencies

  • Standardisation bodies

  • Regulators & Policy makers

  • Consulting executives

  • Health providers (public and private)

  • Health professionals

  • Health insurance providers

  • Security agencies

  • Software vendors & ICT specialists

  • Manufacturers of e-Health products

  • Academia, Students

If you want to prepare for the future, you shouldn't miss out!


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e-CYberhealth 2022, Cyprus, EastMed, Diagnostics, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals
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